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You can make a child's wild zoo hat and dress

by:Susha     2020-09-01
Cut out a circle in the middle of a paper plates. You can use a disposable plastic board, if you don't have a paper plates. Put the wearer's head on the plate of hunting hat to ensure it was sitting on his crown. A chunk of safari-themed fabric, put the board fold fabric on board. Cut off redundant beaverboard, leave 1 inch around. Cut out the inner circle fabric, leave 1 inch of the excess fabric and here. Spread some clear or white glue process and folding fabric on board. Apply for extra glue on the edge of fabric to ensure their board. Use another piece of travel documents or other fabric to cover plastic bowl. Cut off the bowl and put the glue on the bowl and fabric. keep plate and the bowl dry for 20 to 30 minutes. Application generous the edges of bowl and cover the bowl through insert the board.Press firmly on the edge of the inside of the bowl with the edge of the board. Allow the hat dry for 30 minutes. Decorate the straw hat. With a layer of plastic foam letters spelling out the wearer's name, will bubble around the letter. Adornment of the dome zoo animal glue animals hat bubble back and pressing the earth's hat. Punching machine put two holes in the sides of the edge of each other. One aspect is a 16-inch-long piece of technology line '. You can use the shoestring if you don't have the rope. Put the string through a hole make 'keep on top of the hat. Put the string through the another hole and tie a knot, the rope slide back through the hole. Tugboats gently ensure that both sides 'stay right where you are. The balloon hat is an indispensable part in making a clown hat and every balloon has its skills. wearing balloon hat has countless styles, you can choose any style you like. There is no more appropriate for the balloon hat than clown hat to sculpture. Some bright balloons and a few simple twists, you will wear the clown hat at any time. Choose three balloons in classical clown color; Yellow, red and blue. The inflated balloon ends with 2 inches. Hold your yellow balloon about 1 inch of loose twisting ending with a knot. Another twist about 6 inches over the knot, and then let the first twisting relax to open. Small knot of bubbles ends your blue balloons and distorted it in your yellow balloons. Adjust the blue balloon, it is about 90 degree Angle of yellow balloons. The blue balloon from about 6 inches link with your yellow balloons, red balloons and blue balloons in the same manner. The 6 inches yellow balloons ends up forming a bubble. Place about 6 inches below the bubble connect your red balloon twisting together. You should now have a triangle from six inches of part of the three balloons in the same direction. Set three loose ends, make a distortion about seven inches above the triangle to join the balloon.
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