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With Cinco de Mayo fast approaching, it's time

by:Susha     2020-08-19
The first thing to do to prepare is to start planning. Find out who you want to invite, such as close family and friends, or you may even be interested in a large gathering of everyone's family and friends. The first place to start is with the invitation. In order to get the festive message across, you'll need to be a little creative. Invitations containing confetti and salutations referring to your guests as Senor and Senorita (Senora for married women) will give invitations the needed style and aura that your party will address. Finding a location is your next step. Based on how many guests you are planning for, you can now focus on locating a facility, whether it's your own home and yard or possibly even a dance hall. Decorating will definitely need to incorporate plenty of bright colors. Red, orange, green, and white help give your location a Mexican flare to really get your guests in the mood to enjoy the fun. Balloons are one of the simplest and often most entertaining (especially for children) items for any party. Foil danglers and margarita lights help illuminate the area in an exciting way. The pinata is perhaps the most auspicious element associated with any fiesta, and many smaller versions are readily available at grocery and party stores. While you can buy pinatas, you can even take the time to make some simple ones for yourself. The simplest way is to take an balloon which has been blown up and wrap it in paper mache. After it's dried, all you have to do is pop the balloon inside and you have a small pinata that the kids can paint and dress up in their own creative ways. While not as strong as a professionally made pinata, they make for a great and simple decoration for your event. Attire is another important topic, and while you may not want to spend too much or require extreme attire, a simple fiesta or flag bandanna can give what you're already wearing a festive touch. Don't forget about entertainment. While an Ipod and some speakers can make for a great musical source, you may consider a mariachi band for a complete source of entertainment. You may even know some friends that would love to show off some of their own talents. Food is a definite must for any fiesta. Fajitas, chile de relleno, and assorted burritos and tacos make for only a few of the many crowd pleasers you can choose from. Why serve chips in a bowl when a few party sombreros would make for a great tabletop decoration to hold a plethora of chips? Sometimes it's how you serve your food that really sets the mood of the occasion. With the extremely wide variety of dishes available, we can always depend on a professional to help us out in this department. West Texas' Gomez Catering provides excellent service along with completely thorough knowledge of dishes and dines of any kind. They can help you choose from a wide variety and even spur a few ideas for your upcoming event. This May, be sure that your party has the feel of the Mexican heritage you want to present. With the help of a few experts, your Cinco de Mayo celebration is an occasion that everyone will enjoy and look forward to next year.
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