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Whether it's a formal affair or a casual gathering

by:Susha     2020-08-30
Tiered, Staggered or Spiral Balloon Arrangements Foil balloons may be mixed with latex balloons of different shapes and colors. Their arrangement may be tiered, staggered or spiral, depending on where they'll be placed and for what purpose. Spiral balloon arrangements are seen in archways and staircases or wrapped around a post or a standing column. These balloons are usually placed near the venue's entrance and exits and on both sides of the stage area. A tiered arrangement also uses a mix of latex and foil balloons, but they're tied together in a way that the smaller balloon shapes are positioned below a much bigger one in the center. Similar to the Ikebana flower arrangement, this technique in tying together a balloon bouquet is often used for centerpieces or topiaries. Meanwhile, you'll see staggered balloons in party hangings formed like a bunting or a banner. Mixed Balloons in Topiaries and Chandeliers Aside from hanging these foil and latex balloons on walls and wrapping them around posts or staircases, they also look great as standing topiaries in painted pots or as floating chandeliers. Topiary arrangements often use baby balloons in metallic or pearl colors and adorned with ribbons. Either helium or ordinary air may be used to blow them up. It doesn't matter because they'll rigidly stand on party balloon sticks to keep them in their place. If the tables were too small for tiny topiaries to serve as centerpieces, then these light-colored balloons are best arranged into chandeliers or floating puffballs. These balloon arrangements draw the eyes to the ceiling and brighten up the entire area as the ceiling lights reflect against the surface of the aluminum foil or shiny latex. Moreover, event organizers or party planners take advantage of different balloon shapes to create amazing arrangements with tinsel, ribbons, and pastel paper. An Arrangement Suggestion for Custom Printed Balloons Some of the topiary balloons were especially printed with flowers or butterflies to match the illusion of small trees dotting the event's venue. However, instead of custom printed balloons with a single design printed on each piece, why not create an image that can be seen from below? Have each bunch of balloons printed with portions of a black-and-white image of the celebrant, the corporate logo, or the words to a personal greeting or a heartwarming message. Every time the guests look up, they'll be reminded of for whom and what reason the event was held.
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