Susha is a professional manufacturer and exporter of latex balloons and foil balloons in China.

Where is Susha Balloons factory located?
The factory of Hebei Susha E-Commerce Co., Ltd. has an advantageous location at which the cost of gathering material and fabricating foil heart balloons can keep low. It is situated close to the raw material resource. Therefore, we are able to decrease the transportation cost which impacts hugely the cost of the manufacturing and surrender maximum profit to our customers. Local access to skilled and semi-skilled manpower add to the efficient running of our plant life.

Susha Balloons has rich experience of manufacturing latex balloons products. Susha Balloons provides a wide range of foil balloons for customers. foil balloons is an original designed latex balloons. Thanks to its long inflation life, it can be used for outdoor branding purposes. This product has been considered as the best in the industry and widely used by people from various fields. The product deflates in a low-speed manner.

The culture of Susha Balloons is characterized by an open and informal working atmosphere. Please contact us!
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