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by:Susha     2020-08-17
Is it only to attract customers in order to make them purchase an envelope of their favorite color? No. Although, this may be one of the reasons behind manufacturing colored envelopes, the main reason is to give a particular message to its receiver through a specific color. No matter, whether it is red, green, blue or any other color, it definitely says something and hence, it has some significance. Only For this matter, flags of various countries carry different colors. Combination of various colors on the flags drives good and meaningful messages to its residents. Likewise, when the greeting cards, parcels, mails, business documents, etc. are sent by using a designer or colored envelope, the receiver can guess the sender's words through the design or color of the envelope. Generally, pink, purple, petal or red envelopes with fine designs, ribbon, are popular for birthdays, weddings or any type of party invitations. Moreover, if the receiver is very special to you or is an intimate one, you can use silver or gold envelopes, foil line envelopes to present him/ her greeting card or parcel. Sometimes, wedding envelope orany type of invitation envelope is also designed as per the sense of occasion. Hence, if you want to send birthday invitation, you can customize the invitation envelope with the pictures of balloons, ribbons, cakes, teddy-bears etc. Apart from this, envelopes of different shapes and sizes play a vital role in corporate world as well. Even though, in this digital world most of the communications are done through internet, still we need envelopes for certain formal procedures. Generally, to hand over an appointment or resignation letter, to send a businesses proposal to the client sophisticated envelopes with the best finishing are widely used. Moreover, envelopes matching with the colors of a company logo are also in souring demands for direct mail marketing. Similarly, highly protective padded envelopes or plastic envelopes are available in market for sending items such as DVD's, CD's, magazines or other delicate things., Being light weighted and waterproof, they efficiently protect any type of delicate stuff. Together with this, string and button envelopes, dotted designed envelopes, zip envelopes are also heavily used in the offices. So, if you ever come across the need for envelopes, don't get confused. The markets are flooded with numerous types of envelopes. Just understand your purpose and choose the best one
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