Susha is a professional manufacturer and exporter of latex balloons and foil balloons in China.

What are main products for Susha Balloons to export?
Hebei Susha E-Commerce Co., Ltd. has obtained the aluminium foil balloon export license. A copy of the export license can be provided if there are special requirements. In China, when a supplier wants to find an export license, it must go through complicated procedures.

Susha Balloons is well-known for its solid quality foundation of foil balloons. Susha Balloons provides a wide range of latex balloons for customers. Such happy birthday balloons has been improved significantly over traditional latex balloons in terms of design and materials. It is extremely lightweight and can be easily transported. The product is not easy to build up the heat. Its components are designed to effectively draw the heat out of the light and then transfer it into the air. The product is very thick and not easy to blow up.

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