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Wedding logos are a slick and smart way to add

by:Susha     2020-06-26
You don't need to be a graphics designer to create a simple and elegant marriage monogram for the most special day of your life. Using a wedding logo creator might be easy but remember that the images, font styles and effects available there are generic and somebody else might end up with the same pictogram as you. Don't you want the symbol of the greatest day of your life to be unique and special? Then log on to your computer and let the world have a glimpse of your creativity. Write the basic text on Word. Here you can choose to write your complete names or use only your initials for the monogram. You can also use your initials and your sir name as a couple. Take your time in choosing the right fonts for you. You can either choose the ones that already exist in your software or download new ones off internet. Select fonts that would interpret your personality as a couple. You can use script fonts or curvy fonts that resemble early English handwriting if you are traditional and romantic by nature. That will also add a surreal and imaginative touch to the image whereas you can also use loose and croaked type of fonts if you are fun loving and bold as a couple. The next step is to choose the right border to surround your emblem. The type of border you choose also depends on the places where you want to use the symbol. Plain square borders may look good in invitation cards that are square or rectangle in shape but if you are also using the monogram on napkins, balloons and party favors then a cube shaped border might end up looking boring and monotonous. Try and experiment with different border shapes like an oval, a crest or a heart shape to make your brand mark distinct. To draw the border, simply go to 'Insert' and then 'shapes' where all the shapes are already pre-existent. Now add a small symbol or image to complement the text in the monogram. You can use pictures of wedding bells, doves, butterflies or rings. Don't use clip art as one can spot a clipart image from a mile. Download the wedding logo samples images from Internet to make sure that the picture that you are using isn't generic. Insert the pictorial and position it to harmonize with the text. Last, but not the least, add colors to your logo. As with the case in fonts, select colors for the text and background according to your preference but make sure they complement each other. Don't be afraid to try dark colors but the text should be clearly visible from a short distance. To fill the colors, right click and go to 'Format AutoShapes' from and 'fill color'. Here, you also have the option to edit the exact shade of the color that you will use. Now your monogram is ready to be printed and used at your wedding.
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