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We always look forward to our kid's birthday party

by:Susha     2020-07-17
Every planner wants a great guest turnout but choosing a girl theme can leave some planners worried for the boys. Some planners are concern that boys will feel uncomfortable in the party. Fear no more because we have some great tips to help the boys get into this party theme. After all, there is a prince for every princess in the Disney fairytale, right? So let's get started with the planning. The theme To start with, you'll need to ask your little princess to choose a particular Disney Princess that she likes. You'll want to pick the best decorations for the party that your child knows was designed just for them. The party goods Licensed party goods for any of the Disney Princesses is easy to find and that's a good news. You can choose party goods for any Disney princess you have picked. Most supermarkets nationwide are selling party goods as well as Disney's. The Invitations You can select from Disney licensed Princess Invitations, personalized invitations, or you can always make your own personalized invitations. You could make royal scrolls to hand out or glittery invitations with a picture of your little princess. Try to mail them out 3-4 weeks in advance of the party to have the guests prepared for the costume. Decorations You can go light or heavy on with the decorations depending on the place you have selected to hold the party, inside or out. You can always add personalization to your party to make it more magical. The princess colors of choice are usually pink, lavender, yellow and white. Sprinkle sequins or pink candies on the top of the table after covering it with your home table cloth if you wish to use . Place balloons anywhere that hits your fancy with the face of the Disney princesses or only the one you have selected. Suspend Disney pictures and posters of the princesses, their princes' and of the magic castle made of Styrofoam. Get started the party As the Princess Party begins, get started by playing your favorite Disney Princess Music and the theme song of the movie. Mention the guests upon introduction and escort them to the royal preparation table like a guide to Walt Disney world. Give the girls a small amount of glitter makeup and a tiara and a crown for the boys. And as a finale, get a picture of all the children together and then have that made into a thank you note or card to send after the party.
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