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Valentine day is the most awaited day in the life

by:Susha     2020-08-13
Marriages in India have got a contemporary twist, with the addition of the Valentine's Day celebration. Every first festival, after the married life is very special for both the bride and groom and so is the First valentine. You as a husband or wife make sure that you take each and every possible effort to make the day extraordinary and joyful for your life long companion. There are a number of ways, in which you can make this day ultra special for your life partner, few of which are mentioned below: 1) Make a collage: A collage of the moments, which you and your beloved have spent together, is the best way to recollect the memories and add a new one to them. This would not only portray the love you have for your spouse, but will also make him proud to have you as his life partner. In case of the first valentine gift, it can prove to be a great memorisation of the journey of the first year of marriage spent together. 2) Organise a romantic evening: An evening to remember, can be the most special gift you can embrace your partner with. A number of things can be included in this, which is candle light dinner, decorating the place with roses and heart shaped balloons, teddy bears, valentine cake, music etc. These things help you to express the feelings you have for your life partner and make the journey of your life more cherished and memorable. 3) Printed mugs or clothes: Printed mugs with photographs of your marriage or other beautiful memories can be a great gift to make your loved one happy and cheerful. There are many shops, which provides customised products like, mugs, photo frames, heart shaped pillows, soft toys, etc. All these things, if presented beautifully can add to the amazing moments of your married life. 4) Scents and dresses: A dazzling scent can add the fragrance of love in your marriage and the same can be chosen according to the choice preference of your bride or groom. Clothes or the wearable items can vary according to the needs or demand of your spouse. The mere thought that you have put in so much effort for selecting and buying the gift for him or her would surely impress him and add value to your love life. It's the feelings which get counted, not the money attached to it. So, whatever you gift to your valentine, give it from the core of your heart and present them with all the love and happiness in the world.
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