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Turn your guests on to Kung Fu Panda party games

by:Susha     2020-07-14
Chopstick Pickup Sticks: This game is a great game for Kung Fu Panda and it is played like a traditional game of Pick Up sticks excepty by using Chopsticks. Hopping Panda: To play this game the guests need to be placed on at least two teams of equal amounts. One player from each team starts, hopping over ten sticks, which can be chopsticks, tree branches or Kendo sticks, without touching any of them. lay the sticks on the ground a foot apart like rungs on a ladder. When the player has hopped over all the sticks, still on one foot, the player bends down to pick up the last stick. That player then hops back over the remaining sticks and back tracks to the beginning again. Play continues until all of the sticks have been picked up. The player who picks up the most sticks without being disqualified wins. Air Balloons. Air Balloons requires great athletic skill and some fast hands. On go, the party must hit the balloons back to each other anyway possible not letting the balloon fall to the floor or ground. If the balloon should fall to the ground that team is penalized a point. The team who keeps the balloon in the air the longest wins the game. Elbow Tag. Kung Fu requires discipline, time, and motivation - Elbow Tag requires such principles as well. Elbow tag is played by party guests pairing in teams of two. Choose two players to start the game with one of them will being it. It chases the other player around the room. To play the game it is up to the person being chased to hook in the arms of someone who is in a pair. If they hook arms before they are tagged, then the person holding the opposite arm of the person who was being chased now becomes the one to be chased. Then if the person that was being tag tries to tag others and becomes it as the person that tagged him or her goes into the game being chased. There are no winners in Elbow Tag just fun times. Set a time limit for the game and yell stop when time expires. A great way to prepare everyone for a Kung Fu Panda Party Supplies and Invitations is to send Kung Fu Panda theme party supplies and invitations to everyone that is invited to the party. No matter the party venue, any location can be transformed into a fun Kung Fu Panda Party atmosphere.
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