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This is a great year to celebrate the 4th of July

by:Susha     2020-07-16
Here are some things you may need: * Invitations to send out (for the few who don't use email / facebook / twitter) * Balloons (everyone likes balloons!) * Plates (for the lots of food mentioned above) * Napkins * Kitchen stuff * Fireworks * Flags (small, big and everything in between) * Star stickers (red, white and blue) * Craft kits (for the kids) e.g. Statute of Liberty tiara kit * Volleyball / Badminton set * Music (you gotta have music) * Radio So now that we have our basic checklist, here are the steps: 1. Pick a time and place for the party, and set a budget. Then make the guest list. 2. Send out (or buy) invitations, buy the balloons, plates, napkins, and fireworks. Place large red, white and blue star stickers everywhere to give your party the patriotic touch. 3. Rent or borrow extra tables and chairs for your guests. 4. Pick activities and games for everyone. For example, kids may enjoy making tiaras like the Statue of Liberty. Fill balloons for a water fight (!!) and set up the volleyball and badminton equipment if you chose to arrange for them. Choose (family appropriate) music to set the theme. 5. Prepare a variety of foods potato salad, tomato, basil and mozzarella salad, and burgers. Or you can buy the food for your party. Ordering online can save you both money and time. 6. Bring out the fireworks! As soon as it gets dark, set off the fireworks. Have a water hose ready and a volunteer to wet every firecracker after it has been used. Safety first. 7. Clean up the used firecrackers, empty the plates and the trash. You're party was awesome! Buying supplies can add up to a lot of money. Considering using online coupons and buying your supplies online. Some sites even offer you cash back, which means that they will pay you to buy stuff online. This can save you a ton of money, especially since this is over and in addition to the Independence Day deals and discounts that they will offer. it's simple and membership to cash back shopping website are usually free. Prepare for your party before hand to save yourself time and money. Besides, this always makes the party that much better.
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