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The wedding breakfast comes next and it is traditional

by:Susha     2020-06-12
Consider using software such as from it will save you time and much stress. Traditionally there are three wedding speeches in this order: - the father of the bride, the groom and the best man. It is normal to have the speeches at the end of the meal together with the toasts. However many couples are electing to have the speeches at the beginning especially if the participants are particularly nervous. The speeches are a good time to give gifts out to the attendants if applicable. The father of the bride usually thanks the guests for coming and participating in the special day. He thanks everyone who has contributed to the cost of the wedding and compliments and praises the bride. He also welcomes her new husband into the family. He usually tells some amusing anecdotes about the bride and her childhood. Finally he leads the guests in a toast of the bride and groom. The bridegroom thanks the father of the bride for his toast and the guests for attending and for their gifts. He should thank both sets of parents. He should not forget to compliment his bride and thank his best man and the bridesmaids. His toast is to the bridesmaids. The best man thanks the groom for his toasts to the bridesmaids. During his speech he normally comments on the bridal couple, particularly the groom. He should read any messages from absent friends and relatives and he also toasts the bride and groom. The after dinner speeches are usually followed by the cake cutting. This can however be done at any time you choose. For example many couples save this so that their evening guests can share in something from their day and have a photograph opportunity. Another good opportunity for photographs will be the couple's first dance. It is traditionally a slow, sway around the dance floor to a favourite, romantic tune. However many couples these days are having dance lessons beforehand and pulling off something quite special! Tradition says that the guests should stay until the bride and groom leave so if you are going to party until the wee hours do warm your guests and explain they will be excused when they need to go. The bride and groom should not leave to early and miss most of the best party they will probably ever host! They should agree there 'going away' time in advance and make sure someone, such as the best man is on hand to announce it. The transport away from the venue should also have been organised and checked before the announcement. If the couple are not leaving in a taxi then the best man and ushers should decorate the car with signs, balloons and tin cans etc. It is traditional for the bride to throw her bouquet. Folklore has it that whoever catches the bouquet will be the next to marry. It is such a fun thing to do that if you don't want to use your own it might be an idea to ask the florist to make up a small bouquet of something cheap such as gypsophila.
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