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The Roaring 20s is a great party theme and should

by:Susha     2020-07-09
Roaring 20s Dance Compeition: Most guests will enjoy dancing to the music of the Roaring 20s such as the Foxtrot and Charleston. Award a special party favor to the party guest who puts on the best performance. Find the Agent: This game is played with the host asking one guest to pretend to be a prohibition agent and then the guests trying to discover who the prohibition agent. During the course of the party, the party guests must ask each other questions such as whether or not they are the prohibition agent, either blatantly or more subtle. At the end of the party all of the players write down who they believe is the prohibition agent. A good idea is to have everyone wear name tags. After everyone has voted the guests at the party will learn the real identity of the prohibition agent. Roaring 20s Art Deco: These are great puzzles activities for kids of all ages to design. Print out various Art Deco posters on sheets of paper and cut into various shapes. When the players hear, go they race to complete thei picture puzzle the fastest. Roaring 20s Dart Throwing. For young children at the party give them fun party games to play as well. Place posters of art deco, gangsters, and 1920s on plywood and have each children throw darts at the posters. Place small sheets of paper with numbers (points) on the posters. The guest that has the highest score wins the dart throwing game. Another option is to place inflated balloons, about the size of a mango, on the posters. The child who can pop the most balloons in a certain amount of throws is the winner. Award the players with posters, toys, 20s costume accessories such as hats and beaded necklaces etc. Most people will find that have a variety of Roaring 20s party games and other entertainment options will make for a fun Roaring 20s party. Roaring 20s Party Games and Printable Activities are very easy to implement to the party guests in between the excessive amount of sophisticated 1920s drinking.
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