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The printing process for balloon printing is one

by:Susha     2020-09-06
In starting off in printing balloons there are many things to take into consideration, size of balloon you wish to print, how big of orders you will print, how many colors.. and anything else that can effect the type of machine you purchase. You are going to need to find a balloon printing machine that works for the type of balloons you are looking for. A simple starter machine that works great comes from a company called Amidon. For $2,200 you can get a great manual balloon printing machine that gives very professional results. There are also many semi-automatic and automatic balloon printing machines you can chose from, you just want to make sure you find one that will work well with what you will want to print. You are going to need screens and ink. Screens can be found at any local printing suply company. For best results I would recomend using 200mesh that can give you a fine and professional look. You will want to get latex ink and thinner to thin the ink. When making the screen make sure you get emolsion that will work well with Latex Ink. If you get the wong type the emolsion will wash out while you are printing. You are going to need a quality air compressor as you will need to blow up each balloon to print on them. The balloon printing machine you purchase should come with a air compressor hose attachment but you will want a long air compressor hose so the compressor is not right next to you. With a manual balloon printing machine you can use 2 people to speed things up, one person to print and the other to remove the balloons when its finised and put a new one one. If you have a semi-auto or automatic machine one person shold work just fine. You will want to make sure you have a well ventalated area as the ink and spray can get strong. When your finished printing you will need to use a ink remover that removes latex ink, there are many companies out there that provide latex ink. Balloon pringing is a simple process and with some practice even with the cheepest balloon printing maching you can produce the best of results.
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