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The good news is that my brother is getting married

by:Susha     2020-06-18
In this rapidly evolving world, the concept of celebrating a marriage is changing day by day with people are applying new Indian wedding ideasfor their marriage. The young generation of the country has got more inclined towards the trend of love marriages and is also found convincing their parents to accept their choice of life partner as their son-in-law or daughter-in-law. Alike any other marriage, the clothes and jewellery remain the main attraction of guests in India. Therefore, you need to spend thousands of rupees just only for good quality clothes for bride and groom. The raising prices of gold jewellery items have made people choose artificial jewellery items. Decoration remains an important aspect in an Indian marriage. The decoration of the Indian wedding is a major thing, which has experienced many changes and modification in terms of materials used for decoration. Flowers, lights, bright colours, are very common in any Indian marriage. The newer additions are balloons, curtains, candles, frills, and many decorative items. These items not only make the environment elegant but make it more realistic and memorable. Today, brides and grooms are wearing designer wedding clothes, especially designed by famous designers. The dressing styles of the Indian brides and grooms have been same from ages, but now the style, colour and the wearing styles have changed brining an elegant appeal to the Indian grooms and brides. Unlike marriage in westerns countries where brides and grooms wear white colour dress, Indian brides and grooms wear sharp colour dresses such as red, pink, magenta, green, and yellow etc. These colours make the whole atmosphere lively. As I am responsible for arranging each and every thing for this marriage, I decided to hire a professional wedding planner. He will take care of all the things related to this marriage right from the tilak ceremony to honeymoon.
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