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The founding of the I was still a child, whenever

by:Susha     2020-08-20
That my family live in xuanwu JiaoChang three armor door no. 45, not too far from here to the front door.Whenever the celebration began, in MingFang near the front door of cannon-fire, will thunder generally to us here.We these children can follow cannon-fire counting '1, 2, 3, 4...'Also with the rhythm of a 21-gun salute copy issued a 'magnificent' sound, and game who voice more ring.Remember that time, the annual celebration eleven have held, tiananmen daytime procession, evening mass celebration activities and put fireworks gala. When finished, we put a 21-gun salute in the child will scrambled to 'climb up tinged'.Because there will be squadrons later over plane flies over tiananmen square, review for the inspection after they can from our flying in.Standing in the room, can be easily found alive in the horizon plane.Don't really 'climb up for a while, the plane will appear in our sight. We usually starts with short backyard toilet of low room and one layer after layer to climb up to the old south high.Usually if we play, will that by adult stop and grumble at one year, only is an exception, because the adults also want to look at, they will climb building. The plane was not only formation flight, still while flying downwards and leaflets.Leaflets from the plane, then down like a piece of the pillars with color, dragging in the rear of the plane, the farther down the pillars becomes more thick, eventually becoming huge piece.When the plane from our head over and then leaflets will like snowflakes have generally flying down.We also holding fly to side against the leaflet.When adults will use hand clutched our body, not when you told: 'be careful, don't fall!' Those leaflets, the content is still vivid - 'long live the People's Republic of China!''Celebrate (anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic.''Working people live!'...These leaflets will be all the ChuanKan, people will read the leaflet read to not literate children and adults to listen.Until now, I still feel sorry for that year didn't put them together a collection. Whenever parade ended, mass demonstrations began, at this time will also put before tiananmen square, in our there see fireworks for fireworks, but with fireworks small fly up to the sky with the wind to parachute will be far away.The balloon parade released because the hydrogen inside some low-level, leakage and fell to slowly across from the house. At this moment, our these children will be jumped out of the room to run to the street and chase these parachutes and balloons.The parachute and balloon although have drop too low, sometimes will wipe treetops or wire, but at that time the also won't fall down.And so, in its rear can have a child shouted side while chasing it.Ultimately, these parachutes and balloons mostly not bound to the branches, was the local adults get, children rarely caught them.Although he didn't get the parachute and balloons, but because they discovered and attended the chase, children will still excited and clinking, after many days also to classmates and friends to show off, like yourself only poor little became a hero. Every parade ended, kid will run into the street to wait for parade back adults.Some adults in see roadside kid and will hand over the paper flowers for the kids.The child will be glad to get flowers to holding flowers running back alley and holding flowers again 'parade' once. To this season, then every evening all want to put fireworks, people enjoyed the colorful fireworks.As the child is more like watching fireworks, and this can suddenly caved to heaven can also become colorful light fireworks filled with curiosity and mystery, total want to know the appearance of the fireworks for fireworks, the principle of construction, fireworks.So haven't to supper was, they will continue to ask parents put flowers and from how long.When parents of don't know have to answer many, many times: 'still early.' turning up Finally to endure to put the time spent living in the south, we courtyard house surname Yang neighborhood, will suddenly put us together several children called, saying he will riding on the tricycle took us to see put flower, it will make everyone happy danced for joy.Everyone tube this surname Yang neighborhood called three elder brother, because he did three to pedal flat three rounds, the three rounds for professional pull back his house every day in the yard.Three elder brother will bring a large LiuTiaoKuang, the basket on flat slab of tricycle, the basket with the size of the flat clave similar.Then he used the cord basket lashed down on the three rounds.Bundle of good basket, the cinema after three elder brother of five or six babies holding into the baskets, and deng top three rounds to went door. Then, and only the party tiananmen square, on the square martial law people jumping collective dance, ballroom dancing, some places will also show some programs.But outside the front door, the public can is not martial law here play and watch put flowers.Once tricycle after a sentry police side, when he heard us these children when the noise, went to big baskets a look also laugh, straight remind three elder brother: 'note children safe!'The tricycle always pedal to below two sons before. Standing in three rounds, we can clearly see that people on the ground in put fireworks: putting a row of small cannons, gun body straight up and down, the muzzle is blunt days.Put on fireworks wearing a hat and behind all around the long cloth, similar ruler 'cap' hat, it is to protect those fireworks are not put the sky falls down the flowers collapse.Put those fireworks leg kneeling on the ground, a leg squatting in hand a circular LiHuaDan.Command the LiHuaDan, together, and just listen to add cannon muzzles 1 'bomb', fireworks flew into the sky. Fireworks is so beautiful, not just our children never seen a few times, even they adults also didn't see several times, because he was just too soon, adults in liberation to see that it was, and it put fireworks than the Spring Festival when oneself put for fireworks and wide, don't know how many times stronger. Due to stand where from put flowers too close, will be constantly have fireworks a collapse in the head off, everyone confetti to watch fireworks narrow her eyes.Whenever good-looking fireworks rose we these children face was also happy blossomed.Mouth is constantly shouted fireworks color: 'red!''Green!''Purple!'... Put flower stop, then the children and climbed down the tricycle, on the ground looking for those without burning falls down fireworks gunpowder.No matter who pick up a piece of, will happily call 1: 'I picked up a piece of!'Like as have found treasures.Because bring them home, as at night with lighted incense to the point that piece of gunpowder, will release with different color of light. When the last batch of fireworks after three elder brother, let tell us: 'we finished, let's put fireworks go home!'But we these friends but not one letter, again say living on hanging on in there don't walk, get three elder brother didn't also way, have to let us stay at the front door.Few of us children just before this time, again on the ground find opened not burning the gunpowder.Only see everyone watching a flower, put flowers scattered in tidy up thing, everybody don't willing to believe that the fact that no longer put, each for fireworks climbed into the LiuTiaoKuang sit inside let three elder brother riding on the home.In the car with three elder brother have about good, next time put flower guarantee also took us to see.At that time the children are always think 11 came very slow, the in the mind is always thinking about National Day arrive early.Nowadays the festival in the brain doesn't seem to leave any marks, only had 11 scene when, but it can like in the movies panning head show in.
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