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Susha Aluminum film balloon

Susha Aluminum film balloon


Aluminum film balloon

Aluminum film balloon, the English name is foil balloon or mylar balloon or helium balloon. According to their different occasions, they can be divided into: birthday party balloons, toy cartoon aluminum film balloons, gift balloons, decorative balloons, advertising balloons, Valentine's Day balloons, Christmas balloons and other holiday balloons. According to its different functions, it can be divided into: automatic inflatable ball, music balloon, font balloon, letter balloon, rod balloon, pearl balloon, etc.

Time of appearance of aluminum balloon

Aluminum balloons really began to be produced in the late 1970s. Before, because children were easy to burst when playing latex balloons, and the gas retention time was relatively short, people always wanted to develop a balloon that could keep the gas from leaking for a long time. A balloon that can bear the weight of a child. Finally found the aluminum film material in the late 1970s. The surface printing of these produced aluminum film balloons not only looks very exquisite, but also produces a variety of aluminum film balloons of various sizes, such as dinosaurs, sea babies, giraffes, dolphins, monkeys, tigers, lions, etc. . Once the product came out, it was deeply loved by people.

Where to use aluminum balloon

Aluminum balloons are suitable for many occasions, especially as birthday party balloons, wedding occasions, can create a cheerful and peaceful atmosphere, making the guests feel happy. At the same time, it is also a good choice to give to your lover as a Valentine's Day gift. For example, a beautifully designed aluminum balloon with love expressions, plus flowers and chocolates, oh! I think your lover will happily accept it! You can even print the photo of the person you like on the surface of the balloon, Susha supplier provides you with high-quality customized services.