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Students are always excited to go to college.

by:Susha     2020-07-25
The annual Body Art Fashion Show at Brandeis University in Walthman, MA, is not so much about the clothes. Students get together and paint each other and their models using liquid latex paint. The fashion show is held every March and is put together by the Liquid Latex Club. It is one of the campuses most attended event. Georgetown University in Washington, DC is the place to be on Halloween night. 'The Exorcist' is projected outside on either Copley lawn, or Gaston hall. The film is shown after dark until about midnight. Students then make their way to the cemetery to participate in the 'Healy Howl', which means students literally howl at the moon while in the shadow of Healy Hall in the cemetery. This next tradition is one that just about every college student wishes their campus did. Spree Day at Clark University, MA, is a day that may catch students off guard, but is a wonderful surprise. On a random day during the school year, all classes are sporadically canceled and students can enjoy live bands, and possibly hot air balloons out on the Green. Students who study organic chemistry may find that around final times there is no way to relieve the stress. Well, Columbia University's marching band thinks otherwise. The Orgo Night is when the marching band goes into the Butler Library to relieve the stress the night before the organic chemistry final. The band goes into the library at midnight with the sole purpose of disrupting studiers to help relieve everyone's stress. This tradition is very popular on campus. Death by Chocolate is more than a dessert at a restaurant; it is also one of Pomona College's traditions. Pomona College in Claremont, CA normally has a large line of students outside the Edmunds Ballroom for a pre-finals chow down. This tradition has been going on since 1987 and is the reason why some students attend this college. Students can expect to find chocolate covered strawberries, marshmallows, and pretzels, as well as chocolate cheesecake bars, chocolate cream puff, chocolate mousse, and white chocolate. No matter what college you want to go to, they probably have all sorts of fun traditions. Some may not make sense, but as long as you are having fun, that's what matters. Ok, as long as you are having fun and getting an education that's what matters. If you have ever thought about not going to college, think of everything that you could miss out on. This includes fun traditions like these, and your degree. Having an education is important, but no one said you couldn't have fun doing it. Even some online colleges have their own wacky traditions.
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