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St. Patrick's Day parties are lots of fun and

by:Susha     2020-07-10
Children's Game Ideas for St. Patrick's Day If you are planning to host a St. Patricks Day party for a group of young children here are a few fun games that are sure to be a hit, mostly involving the Irish fairy type: the leprechaun. What are leprechauns? Leprechauns are legendary for being solitary creatures, who spend most of their time making shoes, and they store their coins in a pot of gold, which is kept at the end of the rainbow. If one were to be captured by a human being, then the leprechaun has the magical power to grant three wishes to the human, so that they will be released. Find The Leprechaun Someone dresses up as a leprechaun and the game goes according to the format of hide 'n seek. The difference being that the first child who finds the leprechaun can ask for his or her three wishes to be granted. (Of course with it not being a real leprechaun it is hard to feel assured that the wishes will come true!) Pot of Gold Coin Toss This tossing game is plenty of fun. Simply set up different size black pots and have the children take turns tossing gold coins into the pot. Every time the coins end up in a pot, the child earns points. Point value should depend on the size and distance of the pot. Pin the Hat on the Leprechaun This game is just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Put up a big picture of a leprechaun on the wall and then blindfold each child as he or she tries to pin a cardboard cut-out of a hat onto the leprechaun's head. You can use double-stick tape on the back of the hats so that they are easy to remove once the game is over. Lucky Leprechaun Says Someone plays the part of the leprechaun, and the game is the exact same as Simon says. So for example, the Lucky Leprechaun can say: Lucky Leprechaun says to jump in the air while patting your head! The others have to follow these and various other instructions. Hot Blarney Stone Children of all ages will enjoy playing this game, which is the St. Patrick's Day version of the classic hot potato game. Find a light, smooth stone and paint it green or purchase a small green coloured ball for the children to pass around. St. Patrick's Day Party For Kids - What About Some Party Food? The food for St. Patrick's Day for a kids party is actually pretty simple. Sandwiches and cakes cut in the shape of shamrocks with a cake cutter and lots of soda with green food dye. Make cakes that you can put some more green, as well as orange and white food dye into the icing. St. Patrick's Day Party Decorations When decorating for the party, remember to think green! Look for green decorations such as balloons, streamers and plastic tablecloths. You can also purchase fun cardboard cut-outs that say 'Happy St. Patrick's Day.' For an Irish flag theme, you can choose to display a few orange, green and white decorations. Some of the best loved ideas are Pot O' Gold table decorations and party supplies as children love the story behind them and they look lovely also. As well as these there are wonderful balloons on the same theme, or balloons that are full of shamrocks work very well also.
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