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So you are in the midst of planning your wedding

by:Susha     2020-06-25
The right decorations can make the wedding great, while the wrong decorations can just as easily make the wedding less than successful. At the core of any selection of ideas for wedding decorations, you need an upbeat, positive sentiment that reflects the joy of the event. You will want the decorations to be original but not so far removed from tradition that they prove distracting. When deciding on wedding decorations for your theme, it will be necessary to use some imagination. Take an afternoon with your groom-to-be or your bridesmaids and dream. Most of all take the time to make your theme specific. Instead of choosing a garden wedding, for example, you might choose a butterfly wedding.Once you have made your theme specific it will be much easier to shop for your themed decorations because you will know exactly what you are looking for. Venue decoration: Nowadays, weddings take place in all kinds of venues from mansions and gardens to beaches and vineyards. While selecting wedding decorations, take care to choose only those that blend in with the overall feel of the place. Indoor wedding ceremonies usually have an entrance or doorway adorned with a flower arrangement. Flower arrangements make the most beautiful and excellent wedding decorations. On the other hand, arches are what we usually seen at outdoor or garden weddings. Balloons & Raffia: Tie these decorations to everything & anything in the reception area. Alternate between colors and make sure the balloons are not too bunched up; small groups of 2 to 3 spaced-out evenly is recommended. Having the right lighting can make a great difference. Couples can opt for subdued or soft lighting to give a warm and cozy feel to the whole ambiance. Also, people can use decorative lanterns that would not only illuminate the place but also add to its beauty. Napkins & Table cloths. Yes, these are indeed decorations, contrary to what you might think. Plain white is NOT the way to do it either, period. Alternate the two decoration items with your weddings theme colors for an eye-popping effect. Blue table cloth, pink napkins, blue napkins, pink table cloth, etc. Another great idea is to use floating candles and place them in large glass bowls filled with water and beautiful flowers. This can really give a very lovely feel to the evening. Using unique card holders, especially finely crafted ones is also a good addition to the decor. The most important thing to consider is the budget and planning according to it. It is important to think of a target of sparing at least 10% of the budget for some contingency. Sometimes, the venue itself is very attractive and does not require any extra decorations. In this case, keep it simple and just add finishing touches to enhance the beauty. These are just a few of wedding decor ideas. However, there is a great scope for innovation and creativity that can add a fabulous touch to the entire set-up.
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