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Not everyone is that daring though and not everyone

by:Susha     2020-06-13
Wedding Dress Create a wedding dress all your own by asking your mom or your grandmother to let you have their wedding dress. You can alter the length and put beading and pearls on the train, take off the head to toe lace and enhance the bodice of the dress, add or take off layers from the dress so it's either poufy or not or you can add feathers to the train, etc. There are plenty of ways to totally dismantle a dress and create a whole new one. Wear one piece of overstated jewelry Whether you're the bride, groom, bridesmaid, groomsmen, etc it's a fabulous idea to wear one piece of overstated jewelry. You want to look different and stand out in a crowd. For the ladies, it can be the eye catching chandelier earrings or the 'look at me' necklace. And for the fellas, it can be the neon color watch or the polka dot tie. Anything that will grab someone's attention and force them to look at you. Decorate the Aisle Decorate the aisle of the ceremony. Many people put decoration on the chairs, and decorate the reception hall, but many people do not decorate the aisle to the ceremony. This is where literally all eyes will be on you while you're walking down the aisle; why not decorate it, right? It doesn't need to be over the top, maybe just a runner of flowers and beads, rose petals, or style the ribbon a certain way, etc. There's not much to it, and it's pretty inexpensive as well. Forget the Rice How about throwing something other than rice in the air after the ceremony? Many people have gotten creative and have thrown confetti, released colorful balloons, rose petals, released doves or butterflies etc. That can be an innovative and one of a kind way of exiting the ceremony... don't ya think? Arriving in style A little drama is good, a dramatic entrance that is! Lets arrive to the wedding ceremony in style for example like on a horse, or on a boat, on a motorcycle, dancing to a song, etc. Something like this will leave people talking about your wedding for ages. And it's fun to see your guests face and give them a little something unexpected! Centerpieces There are many types of extravagant centerpiece ideas on the internet that you can create. Why have the typical floral vase... you can one up that floral vase by adding a candle in it or a fish and place small paper butterflies on them or birds, etc. Your guests will enjoy the wonderful table scenery; especially if you create a different centerpiece for every table. You'll have your guests in awe trying to look at each and every one. These are only a few of the numerous ways you can create a one of a kind wedding. With these ideas you can even create a few of your own and/or create your own wedding traditions.
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