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My daughter wanted 8yr room cosmic bowling pins

by:Susha     2020-07-20
Invitations: We have bright colors to reflect the 'cosmic' bowling alley and a portion of each guest had a bowling ball and a brilliant monster in the front. Consisted the bright colors are cut into squares of cardstock slightly smaller than a CD case and cut circles with a CD as a template. We used the hole in the CD to make the three holes for the 'bowling ball'. We hit the big circle in the square and place three small circles to make a bowling ball. We bought 'make your own monster' stickers from Oriental trading and a monster of a bowling ball. Then pressed SPARE time to find the fun is (child's name) SILLY MONSTER BOWLING PARTY! Behind it, we printed all the details: Meet at the Alley, place, and date Pin: day, free time: time to get on track RSVP; number. We invite each slipped into the CD case with vibrant colors. Decorations; There are embellishments available on our driveway for child. But anniversary we got to choose the color of the ball and added a pair of Mylar balloons. We also bought 'Monster Bash' treat bags filled with Oriental Trading and they had the cutest little gift inside glasses like the eyebrows and nose Harry Monster transform every child into a monster. I added a bookmark, and lollipop monster fuzzy per bag .. bought at Oriental Trading. Our Alley provided drinks and pizza, but I brought in 16 small cakes I decorated with bright glazes and pretzels marshallows to look like monsters (sweet corn in large fangs!). For cosmic bowling and we went into stupid monsters (with the help of our glasses monster part of the face) bowling on a walk through the legs rotate around roaring like monsters eyes closed toes, etc. .. The children had a time of fantastic monsters, and that party was fun for boys and girls! ' After the party, some girls spend the night and we had a marshmallow roast campfire. The girls loved all the invitations, and everyone had fun. Since the girls had a lot to do, not to disturb or annoy the parents who stayed to enjoy the party?
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