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Movie themed Wedding

by:Susha     2020-07-02
The entertainment industry is making an impact in the everyday lives of people like never before and in marriages too. One of the widely witnessed movie themes for weddings is star wars. All the friends, family and best man and lady wear costumes of the various characters from the movie. The bride and the groom are almost always in the costumes of Han solo and princess leia. Even in bizarre cases, the priest too wears a costume more predominantly depicting the character of obi wan Kenobi or master Yoda. Wedding in the Air! This idea is crazy enough for it is not widely witnessed. People have arranged their wedding ceremony in hot air balloons. Though it is a bit cluttered, it is enough for four people - the bride, groom, priest and the hot air balloon operator of course who sometimes acts as the camera man as well. Weddings have happened in free fall where the priest, bride, groom and a photographer jump off an airplane and the couple exchange rings in near free fall speeds. Another crazy idea is couples exchanging rings on top of a speeding airplane! Wedding under water When some people go to the sky for their wedding, some people are equally crazy but only in the opposite direction. They go under the surface. Couples, priest, friends, family and everyone dressed properly in formal attire. But with one small difference that is all of them wear scuba diving gears on top of their dresses. In some cases, even there are proper wedding decorations in the wedding arena underneath the water surface. Beach Weddings Though this is not a crazy or bizarre wedding practice, beach weddings are still cool way of getting into the wedlock with a lady. The unique things about them are the selection of the beach wedding dresses. For some weddings, the groom used to wear jeans pant and cheap blazers while the groom wears somewhat informal dresses like a simple sleeves tops and short jeans skirt. Also the wedding stage is decorated in a way to complement the scenic location. Devils in holy matrimony Another bizarre wedding idea is in the form of devils, vampires and Frankenstein. The bride and groom are not only dressed but they wear heavy make-up depicting various Halloween characters. The bride are usually seen depicting witch or lady vampires while groom are seen depicting Count Dracula (Bram stoker version!), Frankenstein etc.., No matter how crazy the idea may be. It is all done for one reason and one reason only - to make things memorable for the rest of the life. Other people may think or feel awkward but it is definitely not deterring them from doing what they love and like to do.
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