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Maybe it's your spouse, maybe your child, maybe

by:Susha     2020-08-20
1. Decorate an unexpected space. Teens in high school like to decorate one another's lockers, but just because we're out of high school doesn't mean we can't find somewhere fun to decorate to surprise someone for their birthday. You could surprise a friend or family member by decorating someplace they would not expect - a mailbox, a car, a desk at work, a bedroom door or the front door. You will definitely need balloons and crepe paper ribbon, but you could also use confetti and wrapping paper along with a large birthday card. 2. Make a special breakfast or take them out. Few people will expect to be surprised first thing in the morning. If the birthday person lives in the same home, surprise them with a fabulous breakfast on a decorated tray and brought to them in bed. If the person doesn't live with you, then it's time to plan a surprise breakfast kidnapping. This can be a group activity and the party happens over pancakes. You decide if the birthday person gets to change out of their pajamas or not. 3. Let the fun last all day with a scavenger hunt. One way to surprise the birthday boy or girl is to keep the celebration going throughout the day. They can find a clue to a gift or note at breakfast, be surprised by another clue at the office and perhaps a third clue under the driver's seat in their car directing them to a location where the party awaits. They will have received small gifts or birthday notes all day long topped off with a traditional party for dinner. 4. Celebrate their day with a surprise party. Of course, a traditional surprise party is still a surprise to most. Jazz up the surprise by having the person picked up from work (or school) by a limousine that then whisks them to the surprise gathering you have planned at a restaurant, home, park or hotel! 5. Send them a Christian birthday card with a ticket to a Christian conference/concert. Christian friends and loved ones will appreciate a faith-inspired Christian birthday card especially if it contains a pass to a Christian gathering. If a ticket is out of the question, consider including special verses chosen by several friends or comments on which Bible character the birthday person most resembles. Take a look at the calendar and see whose birthday is coming up next. Then start planning some fun surprises for that special day. If you're looking for a Christian birthday card - check out the online selection at The Printery House.
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