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kids crafts: balloons, bubbles & balls #3

by:Susha     2020-01-04
Activities: The Battle of balloons, friends of balloonsYos!
Bubble Pop!
, Spoon \'n throw snacks: Coconut Ball Reading Collection: Zakary ball for Matt Tavares craft balloon brush needs: a pack of balloon sticks or pin rubber bands or a bunch of balloons (deflated)
Around sticks or stakes.
Take a rubber band or flower thread and fix the balloon on a stick or pin.
Let the kids dip the \"balloon brush\" into the paint and explore!
Balloon Battle: balloon string inflatable balloon.
Specify a certain color for each team. (
You can have more teams if you have a lot of kids, or you don\'t need teams at all)
Tie a balloon to each player\'s ankle.
Each team tried to blast each other\'s balloons first.
The last team won.
You quit the game when your balloon exploded. Balloon Yo-Yos!
Need: 9 inch balloon long rubber band water-
Your balloon is about the same size as baseball.
You need to fill it up with water and air to make it so big. (Aprox.
3/4 glass of water, then blow to make it the right size! )
Air is very important as a cushion for water.
The ratio of water to 1/4 air is 3/4. Tie it off.
Cut the rubber band and tie a circle at one end.
Stick the other end around the balloon stem. That\'s it!
Children can personalize these using markers.
They are very interesting. They cost only 3 cents each.
They will also bring a lot of benefits to the party! Enjoy! ! !
Note: Be careful with balloon fragments and children.
Discard the broken latex balloon immediately.
Bubble Pop!
Need: foam solution White Paper Food coloring take foam solution, white building paper, light pot and food coloring outside with your child.
Pour the bubble solution into a few shallow pans.
Drip the edible pigments of different colors into each pan.
Help your child dip the bubble stick into the pan and blow the bubble on paper-
Make sure you use all the colors!
Scoop\'n TossNeed: empty gallon milk juggling foam balls collect two one gallon milk jug and one foam ball.
Cut the jar into a spoon.
Wipe any sharp edges with sandpaper.
Take your kids out there and have fun throwing coins.
Activities are made more difficult by moving separately. Have Fun!
Need for snack coconut ball: 12 ounces.
Half sweet bag-
3/4 cup of chocolate chips, 1 teaspoon of sweet condensed milk.
1/8 teaspoon of vanilla extract.
Salt 1/8 cup coconut powder, weight 2-
Low heat quart cooker)
Melted chocolate pieces.
Add condensed milk, vanilla and salt to mix well.
Put in the fridge for about 45 minutes or until it is easy to form.
Use the butter hand to make the mixture into a small ball.
Roll each ball in a coconut slice.
This recipe is a delicious meal made for young children under adult supervision.
Read featured: Zachary\'s ball by Matt taavaresure. Please be careful when using balloons around children.
Balloons are in danger of choking.
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