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Independence Day Party Supplies and Invitations

by:Susha     2020-07-21
Stars and Stripes Darts. Darts is a very popular game so bring the fun of darts to the Independence Day party. Start with a piece of plywood for your dart board. Paint on, using star stencils, and stripes on the board. The object of the game is to throw the darts and hit selected areas of the dart board. For example, place the stars in a circular patter with the star at the top center worth the most points and the star at the middle bottom worth the least amount of points. The player who can accumulate the most amount of points per round (three throws per round) is declared the winner. Independence Day Water Balloons. Independence Day is during a time of year when the weather is hot so why not play a rousing game of water balloon fight. Separate the party guests into two teams: Team Stars and Team Stripes with colored coated ribbons to identify as such. Give the players equal number of water balloons, separate the two teams with barriers and let them have at it. Twister Game Using a Map of the U.S. Create the United States states on a large piece or pieces of cardboard by drawing and painting in. The caller than calls out the different states and the players must place their hands or feet in the state called. You can exaggerate the smaller states by making them bigger to make it easier for your guests to follow the directions of the game, and it will also make it fun to look at the exaggerated map. The game is played like a normal game of Twister. Let's Bob For the Stars. Bobbing For Stars is a fun game in which players must bob for jelly star candies in a large bowl of red or blue juice. The object of the game is to collect, using only teeth, as many stars as possible in the allowed time. The player who grabs the most stars, places them in a pile next to the bowl, is declared the winner. While you wait for the barbequed food to cook, or while waiting for the fireworks display to begin, there are lots of other ways to make your Independence Party fun with games. Play various patriotic party games before and after the fireworks to ensure this Independence Day Party Supplies is a grand celebration.
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