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If you were born within the past fifty years,

by:Susha     2020-08-19
That is quite an impressive list of accomplishments. But Baby Boomers aren't done yet. Now they have invented growing old and their inflated sense of self-esteem demands that they be recognized for this. If you are in charge of throwing a birthday party for one of these entitled elders, then you will need to know how to show them the proper respect - while you remind them that it's time to get out of the way. Your first task is to find an online store that caters to your over the hill party needs. Of course you would never use the words 'over the hill' in front of a baby boomer, since they think they are still the coolest people who ever lived. However, an over the hill party web store is exactly what you need to make your event a success. Gag gifts Certain items are designed to remind the baby boomer that nothing is forever, especially thick hair and knees that don't creak when they bend. Here are some of the gag gifts you can buy for an over the hill guest of honor. Inflatable cane: A 46 inch black and white blow up cane that the boomer can use to hobble around during the party. Electric ear and nose cleaner: Help the boomer clean out those disgusting passages with an oversize spinning cotton swab and a large finger. Coffin gift set: Of course a boomer could never kick the bucket, but he could use a can of anti-aging spray, prune juice, a birthday button, happy tablets, a confetti-decorated mug, and anti-aging soap. Prescription bottle shaker: A giant medicine bottle, complete with a realistic prescription lablel, that holds a liter of liquid. Breast suspenders: If your boomer is a woman (or a 'chesty' man), then a pair of breast suspenders will help stop the sag. Birthday supplies Birthday supplies meant for kids and thirty-somethings just won't do for an aging boomer. You will need decorations, glasses, plates and napkins that make it very clear that the guest of honor is over the hill, and then some. An online store will have everything you need to get the over the hill message across. For example, if your boomer is turning 60 years old, why not display that number on banners, table covers, balloons, napkins and every other party supply. Otherwise, he might forget why he is even celebrating! For extra humiliation, consider a birthday dress-up kit with noisemaker, beads, birthday hat, happy birthday sash, button, and wacky eyeglasses. If the boomer isn't already zonked out on his medication, toast his advanced elderliness with special over the hill champagne flutes. These are available at over the hill web stores where you can find everything you need without shopping all over time. Almost anything goes at an over the hill baby boomer birthday party as long as everyone has fun and the guest of honor is reminded that even awesomeness has an expiration date.
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