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How to Make Balloons Glow in the Dark

by:Susha     2020-01-04
Planning a party or celebration and hoping to do more?
Consider lighting up the balloon with LED and fluorescent sticks.
Here are some interesting ways to make a shiny effect at your party.
When inserting the fluorescent stick into the balloon, avoid breaking the fluorescent stick.
If in contact with Rod chemicals, please rinse the contact part with water.
Use balloons on the simplest occasions.
Whether it\'s a birthday party, a baby shower party or a promotional event, balloons have a special role.
If you want more than just a simple inflatable balloon decoration, glow-in-the-dark-
Balloons are a good choice.
Adding a light effect to a simple balloon can change the atmosphere of the party venue.
All you need to do is place them in the dark so that the glowing effect can be seen effectively.
Glowing balloons add passion and color to any occasion.
Their light attracted the attention of the guests.
There is no doubt that this will boost the wow factor of your party.
In addition to the rich color, these homemade lightin-the-
Dark balloons in your pocket. friendly too.
The first step is to light up the glow bar for glowing balloons.
The second step fold or bend the fluorescent stick into a cycle.
Step #3 insert the glow stick into the balloon.
Step 4: Inflate the glowing gas
Step 5: tighten the balloon with a tie belt or plastic wire.
Step 6 release them or tie them around the party area with colored ribbons.
To increase the life of the fluorescent rods, place them in the refrigerator;
However, the fluorescent stick can only be used once.
Change: glowing water balloons can be a great prop for balloonsfight party.
After the third step is completed, fill the balloon with water and fasten it.
Step 1 hold the LED at the opening of the balloon and do not let it slide in the balloon.
The second step is to inflate the LED
Balloons with air.
Step 3: tie the balloon (including LED) with plastic wire or tie belt.
Step 4 light up the LED by winding the bottom of the balloon.
Step 5: tie the balloon with a colored ribbon and spread out in the party area.
Before the balloon is inflated, the lit LED can also be inserted into the balloon.
The LED light will not be heated and therefore will not explode the balloon.
Change: color the inflated balloons with glowing color patterns and expose them to light, also illuminating the balloons.
However, this light lasts for a very short time.
Expose the balloons to bright light and let them shine again.
For theme parties, use balloons that match or match the desired color well with the theme color.
Fill the entire glowing area with foil balloons-
Effect as they do not show LED or glow bar.
Large transparent balloons can be filled with small balloons
Luminous balloon for the size, color of the spectral effect.
When using a single lighting material for a balloon, use a semi-balloontransparent.
When inserting LEDs into balloons, they should be set to flash mode so that the glow time is longer.
If even after the party, the led will shine.
Remove the LED and save them for the future.
The glow stick should be folded so that it can be put into the balloon.
Always choose a non-luminous sticktoxic.
Matching balloons and lighting materials in different colors can give you a mouth-watering effect.
Latex balloons are more suitable for enhancing the luminous effect.
Keep the glow sticks away from children.
If there is a leak, please rinse the contact part with water.
Balloon is an era.
Add beautiful old decor items to any occasion.
It would be better if they were bright.
So why wait any longer?
Try these DIY methods and see the difference at your party.
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