Susha is a professional manufacturer and exporter of latex balloons and foil balloons in China.

How many people in Susha Balloons export department?
We started the exports business several years ago. During this period, we steadily expanded the business and gathered the professionals. Now we have about 5-8 people in the team. They work about six days a week and are online every 8-10 hours a day. Please kindly understand that we pay attention to our employees’ health and we do not encourage our employees to work all day long, and that we would make a reply to each inquiry within 24 hours.

Hebei Susha E-Commerce Co., Ltd. provides world class balloon accessories and services. Susha Balloons provides a wide range of latex balloons for customers. The product features strong processing power. Equipped with a high-performance processor, it has the capability of strong data transmission image processing. The product provides an ideal way to spell out a special message for parties. Susha Balloons is an experienced manufacturer of latex balloons. We have rich experience in production management. Consummate in production technology and abundant in manufacturing capability, we have the ability to manufacture products in different sizes and appearances according to market demand.

Susha Balloons thinks that a higher degree of customer satisfication needs professional service from experienced service team. Inquire now!
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