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For some, the piece de resistance and focal point

by:Susha     2020-06-27
Balloons can be a fun table accessory and can also be used in combination with flowers. You might be surprised by the range of balloons available; we're not just talking your primary colour kid's birthday balloons but some beautiful soft, translucent pearl balloons that can be a classy table accessory for any event. Balloons will always require a table weight to keep them grounded. This could be a very simple home-made weight or a purpose designed balloon weight that complements your other table accessories. For safety sake you might choose not to combine balloons and candles. Candles are also a very popular table accessory and can soften and add mood lighting to your event. Tea candles are usually very effective for this purpose as well as being a little safer than an open air candle, especially as your guests relax and have a few drinks to celebrate the union. A skilled florist or wedding planner with also combine candles with floral arrangements with some amazing results. Perhaps the greatest compliment is when you're guests want to take home the centrepiece as a memento of a wonderful night. Another table accessory centre piece option is the use of gold fish! If you want a tranquil, relaxed and contemporary table, then what better than a two goldfish swimming around in a simple fish bowel where the two fish represent the newly weds! Sure to be a talking point! Wedding favours are often a nice little touch when it comes to table accessories and nice for your guests to be able to take something home to remember the even by. Whether it is a your traditional sugar coated almonds or something a little more personalised, you will also be looking for a suitable wedding favour bags or boxes to present the favours in. And last but not least you might consider disposable cameras as a table accessory. The night goes so quickly for the bride and groom that there is no better present that photos of your family and closest friends enjoying themselves on your special occasion.
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