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For a Colts super fan throw a super Indianapolis

by:Susha     2020-07-19
Horseshoes are a great Indianapolis Colts party game activity for an Indianapolis Colts party. The game of Horseshoes is a traditional game that everyone knows how to play. Place a spike in the back yard and have players throw metal or plastic horse shoes at the spike. Perfect for an Indianapolis Colts theme party, this is a simple yet very fun game. A second game involving horseshoes can be played by affixing large nails to a wooden board. The game's object is to toss the horseshoes so that they can fall successfully on the nails. Ping Pong Ball Ring Toss is also ideal for a Colts party. This is a fun game that requires players to toss a ping pong ball in a small-medium size ring floating on water. Ask players to stand behind the throwing line and throw white ping pong balls into blue and white rings. Place a large metal bucket decorated with Colts logos in the water. Give each player a desired number of throws and the player or players who make the ping pong balls inside the rings wins a Colts party favor. Colts Dart Throw was custom made for this party. Make a backboard out of plywood and attach inflated balloons with push pins. Draw and paint a large version of the Colts logo on the board. Attach the balloons to the board on the outline of the Colts logo. Give each player an opportunity to pop all the balloons on the board. The player who can pop all the balloons in the fastest time is the winner. Throw as many darts as possible as quickly as possible, so that the next thrower can take their turn; remember time is the essence in this game. Colts on the Loose. Colts on the Loose is a fun game that will give children license to run around all over the party location. Pick one player to start out the game in the role of the colt. Give that player a make-shift horsetail attached to a piece of string tied around the waist. The object of the game is to catch the colt and remove the tail. The players will stand on both sides of the party area with space in between; the colt will run between the players as fast as possible, with the players trying to reach the colt's tail. The player who grabs the tail is the winner. After several failed attempts, the colt may become tired back and forth so give another player an opportunity to be the colt. Indianapolis Colts Party Supplies and Invitations along with super fun games combine to delight any Colts fan and create a fun and time for all.
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