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by:Susha     2020-07-14
Red, White and Balloon Pop is a fun filled 4th of July game that the guests will love playing. This game is really fun for kids, but can be hilarious when played by adults. Start by inflating red, white and blue balloons. Party favors with no sharp edges make really good prizes to put inside the balloons. When you say 'Go,' the players then have to pop the balloons to find the prizes. One catch though: They have to pop the balloons by sitting on them! You might want to include one 'big' prize in the game (Like a gift certificate or a $20 dollar bill). That will make everyone even more anxious to sit on the balloons. Kids however, will be thrilled with the small prizes so there is really no need for a big one. Just candy and small toys will do when buying themed 4th of July Party Supplies. Another fun game to play is Red White and Blue. To play this game, simply go around the room and have someone name something that is red. The next person has to name something that is white, and the next person has to name something that is blue. Keep going around the room in this pattern. Once a player runs out of items to name in the correct color, they are out of the game. One timeless and time honored 4th of July game is a potato sack race. Hand out potato sacks to all participants. When you say 'Go,' they all have to hop in the potato sack to the finish line (which should be a piece of rope, or you can tie a streamer to two chairs for a more dramatic finish). First one to cross the finish line is the winner. Keep the fun going and the guests happy with party games. Decorate with patriotic red, white, and blue 4th of July Party Supplies, get the cookout going and have a great celebration.
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