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Everybody in the world has used a balloon in the

by:Susha     2020-09-11
The first thing that comes to our mind when we say balloons is partying or festival or some occasion. Here the balloons are used mainly for decoration. This type is generally made up of natural latex tapped from rubber trees. Air, helium water or any suitable substance in the form of liquid or gas can be filled inside this. We blow air into the balloons using our mouth or hand pumps, and use it for decorating our house or office. Balloons can be used as an art and entertainment purposes as well. The artists tie and twist inflated tubular balloon in form of a sculpture. These balloons are made extra stretchy and these can be stretched and twisted without bursting. In many places the decorators use helium balloons to create these balloon sculptures. Here again they are most commonly round in shape, however, on occasions they are sculptured in many forms and used for decoration. When I say sculptured it can be in the shape of an animal or thing. These are generally called as table decorations. Table decorations normally appear with three to five balloons on each bouquet. A ribbon is tied along added to a weight, so that it does not float away. Balloon drops is a another form that are used during major celebrations like Weddings, graduation ceremonies, New Year celebration and so on. In a balloon drop, people generally fill a plastic bag or a net with air inflated balloons is fixed at a particular height. During the course of the celebration, these balloons are dropped in such a way that it falls in a particular place. This adds to the beauty of the celebrations. However it is said that this practice has been discouraged by the balloon industry as it could be quite annoying in the cities. The other forms are balloon rockets, flying machines and so on. Some of the studies say that balloons were first used during the American civil war for reconnaissance. It was during this time that orders were received to build a balloon for the Union army. However, balloons were stopped from falling into the Confederates hands. In 1862, balloons were constructed in multi-colored silk. The legend of the Confederate balloon was made out of the silk dresses donated by the ladies of the Confederacy. This balloon was filled with gas and was found in Richmond and Virginia. This was captured during a battle and another one was constructed in the same year. Today, balloons are used for sightseeing in many countries. For instance orange blossom balloons are used to view Florida by the tourists. These are also called as the hot air balloons. The flights take place every morning during the sunrise in Orlando. All these flights take you for an hour ride showing the beautiful country side situated there. Champagne Toast, full buffet breakfast and souvenir flight certificate are also provided to the tourists during the ride. I have seen a lot of these featuring on my Dish TV in many other places like New Zealand.
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