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custom balloons

by:Susha     2020-01-09
Need to increase the visibility of your store or business?
Do you need to attract more drivers?
Flow through the traffic at your location?
Is there no fortune to spend in order to get this kind of traffic?
Try using custom balloons!
Custom balloons provide an instant boost to your visibility at a very affordable price.
People drive next to your business every day and never notice.
It may be sales this century, but people can\'t use it if they don\'t know.
There are many different types of custom balloons.
The most popular type of custom balloons is custom helium advertising balloons.
The diameter of the balloon is usually 7 feet, and both sides of the balloon have your logo or information.
The best custom helium advertising balloons are made of polyurethane, a material developed by NASA for space projects.
Polyurethane does not contain volatile organic compounds that are constantly released like PVC balloons.
Do not expose yourself or your employees to volatile organic steam released by PVC balloons or PVC.
There is currently a huge discussion about when pvc should be banned in the industrialized world.
Polyurethane used in the United States to make large advertising balloons is even water-soluble after service life, and will be decomposed in a short period of time in the landfill.
The best quality for custom helium advertising balloons using polyurethane is: much lighter than balloons made of PVC, so they fly better, helium retention is far better than the balloons made of PVC. They maintain a longer brightness and gloss than the balloons made of PVC, and (
Drum, please)
In most cases, the cost of these balloons is the same as the inferior custom balloons made of PVC.
Currently, there are three manufacturers in the United States that use polyurethane when producing custom balloons.
Environmental awareness, save money!
You can\'t beat it!
Now do you know what materials to buy next?
The larger the custom balloon, the greater the impact, but it is impossible to become huge many times, or at least not feasible.
Do you have a place to store a fully inflated balloon?
What is the weather/wind force at the proposed flight location?
Do you have a \"safe\" place to tie custom helium balloons?
How close is your target audience?
Did you go with the sign or the message?
Need to change messages on custom balloons often? Colors! Colors! Colors!
If you can take a few minutes to think about these issues, you will make a better choice and get excited about your new custom balloon!
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