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Create an X game atmosphere with an X Games theme

by:Susha     2020-07-22
X Games Bean Bag Toss is an exciting X Games party game perfect for most gamers. This is a fun game can be made from using a piece of wood or plywood. The object of the game is to throw the bean bags at the X Games logo. To make the X games logo, use a piece of wood and paint on the X games logo. Those who can cut out the X Games logo in the shape of an X can do so to make the game more challenging. The object of the game is to throw the bean bags at the target, just like in cornhole, but the bean bags must stay on the X Game board. Another option is to cut a hole in the center of the X, with the object of the game being the successful tossing of the bean bags in the hole. Split the party guests into two teams and have orange and black bean bags for each team. X Game Darts. Make a backboard out of plywood and attach inflated balloons with push pins to a paint X games logo. Fill the X games logo with orange balloons with small pieces of paper inside some of the balloons. The players who pop the balloons with the pieces of paper inside them win a fun party favor prize. X-Ball. Play X-Ball by creating a large X with tape or spray paint. Make sure that the X is large enough so players have ample amounts of room in which to run. Place an equal number of players inside and outside the X to begin play. Players on the perimeter throw balls trying to hit the inner X players and vice versa. Players who are hit while standing in the X must step outside and now try to hit the players still inside. If a player outside the X is struck than that player must enter the X. The activity culminates when one side has captured all the players or when time expires. The side with the most players at the end of the game wins. The players on the inside of the X may have a slight disadvantage because they cannot run around as much as players on the outside. Ensure the players on the outside of the X are limited to certain boundaries as well. X Games Party Supplies and Invitations packed with high energy games are an ideal way to celebrate a birthday party or special occasion for the junior X Games action sports fan.
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