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Classic plover lattice, England lattice, velvet printing

by:Susha     2020-08-03
Black Plaid Jacket + Pink Dress + Black Handbag Plover Homing The spinning carousel has no wings, but it can take us to fly everywhere. The black and white plover is likely to be the most perfect metaphor. Perhaps it is not always on the top of the trend, but the plover never falls in the tide, and in the fashion circle it always has its position which cannot be ignored. The autumn and winter of 2010, retro boom was popular, and in the design plover was used without any hesitation. Its three-dimensional cutting was neutral and charming. Gray Stripe Cardigan + Red T-Shirt+ Light Grey Pants + Red Boots + Gray Leather Bag (Left) A Gray Fedora Hat + Knit Cardigan + White T-Shirt + Gray Trousers + Brown Boots + Black and White Handbag + Inlay Ring (Right) Autumn Fairy Tale It is the right time in autumn, when the clouds are thin and the wind is gentle and the sunlight all over shining into flowers. Walking in painting line, and viewing the scenery, we also became another scene of the thousands of landscape. Fashion T-shirt, classic knit cardigan and sexy seven close-fitting leggings do not need too many details. Everybody can have his own fairy tale in the autumn. It is just like colorful balloons which you just have to hold it tight. Geometric Black Polka Dot Dress + Multilayer Bracelet + Flower Necklace(Left) Green Plush Coat + Printing Dress + Stereo Flower Ring (Right) The Fragrance Is Surging The printing is popular from spring and summer to autumn and winter. Science and technology has been changing the fashion industry in an unbelievable way. The printing decoration make by computer in dress is very eye-catching, deducing a quiet and modest maiden wind. 2010 autumn and winter fashion code is such a concise but not simple dress, which can make you charm index soars. You can decorate with the seasonal single clothing item perfectly, and the mix color appears to be interesting and with a hint of fragrance surging of the autumn. Blue Fork Sleeve Jacket + Blue and White Striped Shirt + Close Fitting Narrow Trousers + Printing Handbag (Left) Beige Jacket + Blue and White Thick Stripes Shirt (Right) Pure Campus Or, it is the easier style that the fashion circle is able to take control over as long as you have a bold and confident heart. This is the campus wind, which is the vitality, is the popularity, the personality and it is also the element that required for a back rate. 2010 autumn and winter come with striped knit tops and campus windbreaker, emanating the early charm that is unique to Paris. Like Lomo, the more simple, the more classic.
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