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Celebrating a birthday or anniversary or maybe

by:Susha     2020-09-17
Basically a balloon is just a flexible and inflatable bag While a balloon is such a simple and very affordable bag that, when filled with a gas, will float away heavenward if not controlled by a piece of string. They may be made of latex, rubber, polychloroprene, or even nylon fabric. Some early balloons had been made from the dried bladder of animals such as pigs; most any material that won't leak and can withstand the stretching involved with inflation. Once colors were introduced into the material they became an object that drew attention and favor, especially from children who could play with them and blow them up by mouth if no compressed gas were available to inflate them. As the possibilities for their use became more available their popularity grew worldwide. Lofty weather stations help keeps us safe Among the many uses for balloons beyond the happiness they bring at parties are as weather balloons. They are in use around the globe and help predict inclement weather because they can float up there where weather is happening. When a storm is in the making, a well-placed weather balloon with equipment to determine barometric pressure, wind speed, and velocity as well as temperature changes will transmit that data down to a weather station back on earth and report any events before they happen. During World War I the military found balloons especially useful to bomb targeted sites send messages and even spy on the enemy. Today the lofty flying ball is as popular as ever for military use and observation from aloft. Hot air balloon races are universally popular If you have ever noticed a hot air balloon floating above you have witnessed an extremely popular sport that never seems to lose its appeal. Large colorful balloons are inflated, generally by hot air entering the bottom from a gas powered heater that sits in the wicker basket (also called a gondola). There is room in that gondola for two to four people and then the fun begins. Hot air balloons are subject to the whims of air currents above and generally a person only controls the ascent and decent of the balloon. As the air is warmed the balloon floats upward and when they wish to lower it someone simply lets a small amount of air out of the bag by turning off the heater. It is the oldest form of flight technology and these huge balloons are known as balloon aircraft. First flown untethered in Paris, France back in 1783, they introduced a new way to transport people, a few at a time, wherever the wind chose to blow them. Ever popular balloons insure happy faces! Whether it's for a small child's birthday party in China or a celebration of someone's new job in Paris there will always be a need for those brightly colored orbs that float above the party scene and demonstrate how much fun it is to celebrate any occasion!
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