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Celebrate the Chicago Bears with a fun Bears party

by:Susha     2020-07-22
Beer Glass Ping Pong Ball Toss is a fun filled Chicago Bears party game. Use pint beer glasses as receptors to throw ping pong balls in. The beer glasses can be lined up in a row, to see who can throw the most ping pong balls in the fastest time. Assign points to the beer glasses; e.g., the beer glass the farthest away from the throwing line is worth ten points. The player who can total the highest number of points in ten rounds of play (three ball tosses per round) is the winner. Shaving Cream Balloon Shave. Have players try and shave the shaving cream off the balloon with a razor without popping the balloon. This game is played by covering the entire Chicago Bears balloon with shaving cream. On go, each player, with one razor each, tries to shave off the entire layer of shaving cream. After time, the balloons are checked and the balloons with the least amount of shaving cream wins. The party guests must join the host in ensuring that no cheating occurs, with players trying to rub off the shaving cream with their sleeves. A Pizza Eating Contest would be perfect for any Chicago-themed party. Chicago is known for some of the best pizza in the country. With that being said, see who can devour the most pizza within a certain limit. Sure, savoring the pizza is recommended; but devouring is preferred for this contest. Each player will get a slice of pizza, and on go, each player eats as fast as possible. The player who can consume all the pizza on his or her plate first or finish the most pizza in five minutes wins. The same game can be played with chicken wings also. Hoopla is another game that would go over well at this type of party. This curious thing known as a Hoopla stand is a box with a dowel sticking out of the top on which a prize is attached; in this case the surprise could be a Chicago Bears stuffed bear. The hoop must be completely around the prize and the stand to win. Make the game more challenging by using a smaller hoop or have players wear blindfolds while attempting to throw the hoops. Chicago Bears Party Supplies and Invitations with fun party games is a fun way to celebrate either a fans birthday party or game day. Encourage all to play the Chicago Bears party games and award all party game winners party favors.
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