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Celebrate a young Disney Cars fan with a birthday

by:Susha     2020-09-12
Tire Bean Bag Toss. Start the party games off with a simple game suited for a Disney Cars party such as the Tire Bean Bag Toss game. Lay a tire, large or small, on the floor or ground and have children throw bean bags in the open center of the tire. Place several tires a few feet apart and award points for those players who make the bean bags on the opening. The child with the most points after a number of rounds played is the winner. Strega Comanda Color: This is a game that is an old school Italian game ideal for a Disney Cars party. One player is chosen as the strega (witch), and calls out a color. The other players must touch an object of the said color as fast as possible before the witch catches them. The witch must call out a color he or she says in the party room. If the guest is caught by the witch then that player has to be the witch. If all players find the color then the current witch calls out another color. Secret Agent Find: This game is a fun game that challenges the players to find the secret agent faster than the other players. Place a printout picture of the secret agent and have the party guests give their best efforts in finding him. The game can be played a variety of ways but the best option is to have clues given out by the host and everyone hunt the secret agent. Tape the picture of McMissle under a table, chair etc. The player who finds him first wins a Finn McMissle party favor. Are You Faster Than A Speeding Lightning McQueen? This is a run game in which players tie balloons around their ankles in the hopes their balloons are not popped. To set up the game, line a garden hose or some sort of short divider to make a mini race track players can race in between. Players who have the balloons tied around their ankles must race around the track while players on the outside of the track try to pop their balloons by stomping at them. players are eliminated when both of their balloons are popped (one balloon tied to each ankle). The last player who has both or one balloon remaining is the winner. The players who attempt to pop the balloons must stay in one location and wait until players come around to their side again to try to pop the balloons. Most people will find that having Disney Cars party supplies and invitations will add to a party and make it a lot more fun.
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