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Barbie line of dolls that are on different jobs

by:Susha     2020-08-12
Costumes: I also included a letter to the mother with more detailed information ... in particular; to ask her daughter to come dressed as something they are interested when they grow up (for those who do not come dressed costumes had a bath for them to wear when they came here). We had everything from a nurse at a ball up (my daughter was a teacher). Decorations: I have not used all premade decorations Barbie. I took my baby girls and put them up around the house 'doing jobs' (dog trainer baby doctor office workers, etc.). I also had a pair of Barbie posters hanging up. For banners balloons mugs plates, etc. I used solid colors pink orange yellow and lime green to coordinate with melamine plates Barbie that I found. I had the plates are formed on all tables. The girls used the leaves as plates (put their paper plates over them). They took home at the end of the lot. (I bought at Dollar Tree). Girls Activities: For activities that had girls try a few different jobs. The first was a jewelry maker. We backpack decorations. I had prepared beforehand button rings w / Cording jewels attached. I had a lot of balls to choose from and I had also prepared the letters of his name for decoration. The girls do a lot. You could also try their hand at cake decorating. I made cupcakes with small heart-shaped for the girls to decorate. He had three different colors of frosting in piping bags, plus a large number of different waters. I had prepared in advance flags made of toothpicks and stickers with the names of the girls in this regard. As they finished their cake we stayed in his house there. When all ended, we sang happy birthday to my daughter and then ate our creations. He really liked. kids birthday party games: I also made a matching game. The girls had to match the proper functioning of the correct description. I have about 15 different jobs that I recommend to only 5.10. They loved it, but it was a bit overwhelming. Food: You eat with your fingers so that I can have everything ready before everyone came. Things like small sandwiches wrapped fruit skewers Crescent Winnies and a couple of different salads (especially mothers). Overall it was a very fun and different. It's always nice when you can remind your child that he can be whatever they want to be. :-) '
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