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Ballooning rides are a once in a lifetime experience

by:Susha     2020-07-02
Group Hot Air Balloon Rides Ballooning flights and trips are a popular activity for those who like to experience new things and get their adrenaline kick! Going on a balloon flight for a birthday is a great idea for the lucky person whose birthday it is, but also the guests that are lucky to be invited! Usually, friends and family can travel with other riders, but balloons can also be hired out by groups of people, usually up to 10 people. This is a great alternative to taking just two or three friends, and means you won't have to leave anyone behind! VIP Hot Air Balloon Trips There is nothing more romantic than watching the sun set over beautiful views of patchwork countryside and hidden from view houses. Balloon trips are a great opportunity for couples to celebrate their love, wedding anniversary or even the backdrop for popping the all important question! VIP hot air balloons are a little bit more special compared to traditional balloon rides, as champagne and a post-ride dinner usually come with the package. Safari Hot Air Balloon Trips Going on a safari balloon trip doesn't mean travelling to exotic countries. These exciting and adventurous trips are about experiencing spectacular views and spotting wild and local animals either in safari parks or out in the wild. Safari balloon rides are popular as they give people the chance to experience a balloon ride whilst looking out for lions, tigers or gigantic eagles in the sky! Safari balloon rides are great for all keen animal lovers and those with an adventurous side. Historical Hot Air Balloon Rides Ballooning trips can also be educational as well as thrilling! Local history can be found wherever you go, so there's always the chance to fly over sites filled with local history whilst on a balloon trip. Watch the sun rise over a 400-year-old estate, or spot the number of different gargoyles gracing the front of large houses. Historical hot air balloon rides are exciting for all members of the family, and are a great way to learn local history whilst flying high above each landmark. There are ballooning trips for everybody, no matter what their taste or what they want to get out of their ride. Whether it be to learn some local history or spend the day with the person they love, these flights are the perfect way of experiencing new things. These are some great ideas of experiencing a hot air balloon rides in an unconventional way.
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