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Are you planning a hen Party?

by:Susha     2020-07-16
A hen party is an occasion of throwing a party to a girl who is getting married and celebrated in the presence of her close friends, in this event the bride enjoys the single hood days with her friends and family. Well traditionally the event is organized by the maid of honor or bridesmaid, but in the present time the bride can also plan the party for herself. Some time it's quite difficult to plan a hen party so there are some points listed which can help you to plan the party. The points are listed below: Plan an event at least two week before the wedding date. Decide the venue where you can have your party and always choose that one where private parties are allowed and where you can decorate your own decoration in your way. It's always good idea to decorate the place according to the chosen party theme. It's always fun to decorate and theme a event with your own thought and imagination. Talk with the bride about the guest she wants in her bachelorette party and then send the invitation out. In many cases all the invitation are sent via emails, But if you want to do something different then send the invitation according to a theme, add some sparkles on the occasion. Always ensure that guest know about the theme of the party and if there is a dress code then it's also should be mentioned in the invitation. Talk with bride and finds out of there is any particular or interesting activity that she want to include in the event. Know what kind of theme she wants in her party, but if you want to organize the whole event by yourself and want to give surprise to bride then it's also a nice idea, as she has already too much to worry about. Some of the popular bachelorette party activities to take part in are cocktail making glasses, pole dancing, limo ride, truth and dare with lots of naughty thoughts and many more. Remember to book venue, flight tickets if it's not in the town, accommodation facility, food and drink facility in advance to avoid any kind of disappointments. It's an important issue since you don't want to find yourself in an awkward solution. Collect all the hen event accessories that you are about to use to dress the bride on bachelorette party. In addition to it also look for proper decorations such as banners, party balloons, candles and bunting many other. If you want to go with a selected theme for a party then make sure that you will go for selected decorations that matches with a particular theme. It's also good thought to make it more personalized by decoration with theme balloons. Don't forget to include party T-shirts and clothes to add extra charm. At last always remember to include the entire guest in the activities. If any of friend or guest feel like that they are left out look uncomfortable in the situation, then try to include theme in the group make them feel a part of the group, but in the process don't force any to do something which they don't want to do. Add some spicy activity Now if you want to make the night spicier then there are some other activities like hiring a male stripper on hen party or you can also include stand-up comedians on hen parties and TV starts to make the night more entertaining. This event is organized for a bride. Remember to include such activities and themes that she will enjoy. Do not set any games and activities that will create an embarrassing situation for her, don't create such situation so that she will feel embarrassed in front of her friends and family members.
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