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Are you dreaming of having a totally different

by:Susha     2020-06-29
Wedding invitations are always considered to be the first impression people get about the wedding and they may have some preoccupied expectation about the invites about your wedding. Hence, sometimes it really takes efforts to make the invites appealing. Speaking of the wedding invites, funny wedding cards are actually a great style you can never miss if you want to make your wedding memorable. Make your invitees smile with creative invitations that are humorous in tone. To create funny invitations, all you need are the usual comic elements - funny words and silly visuals. Anyone with a sense of humor will surely appreciate your efforts to be unique and well, funny. If you need help to get started, here are some ideas for that you may want to consider: Make a silly cartoon or caricature Have someone draw you and your beloved in silly caricatures or cartoons. Complete the concept with word balloons, which may contain the words you want to say to your invitees. Alternatively, you may prefer to just have caricature versions of the two of you as the front design of your invitations. Spoof pop culture another great idea is to create a design that parodies a famous television or movie couple (like Aladdin and Jasmine or for a more humorous take, Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog). You and your fiance may pose as the leads and in costume, no less, to complete the effect (Or you can just use Photoshop). It would be a better idea if the pair you choose is not only recognizable, but also a favorite of you two. Use funny wordings A few humorous lines can add impact to your wedding invitations. You could either search the Internet for something to use or you may come up with a funny rhyme yourself. Take some hilarious photos of yourselves a goofy photo of the two with equally funny captions is a great backdrop for your funny wedding invites. You could make faces or do some amusing poses for the camera. Let your imagination run wild as you ham it up. Play with the size and shape of the wedding invite if you take pride in being different and want to push things a little bit more, then consider creating funny invitations with weird shapes as if they were cut out by a five year old. They won't be your typical wedding invite, sure, but nobody said that you have to be bound by tradition. These are just several of the many great ideas you may try to create funny wedding cards. If you don't want your invitations to be too formal and serious (or mushy), then remember any of these in planning your invite's design. It's up to you to add creativity and a little bit of your personality to come up with a truly unique and funny concept. You can't go wrong with a wedding invitation that is lighthearted and funny, as long as you keep it in good taste. Read more on
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