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After the wedding and during the reception, while

by:Susha     2020-06-23
Here's a list of things you can use to decorate the getaway car and how to do it reasonably and safely. * Use things on the car that can be easily removed. For instance, use a Just Married banner across the back of the car instead of painting it on with shoe polish. Not only can shoe polish damage the paint job on the car, but putting shoe polish on the windows can create blind spots when driving. * The ever popular tin cans are still perfect to draw attention to the happy couple. Do ensure they're strung together with string or cord that will take the abuse of being dragged for at least a mile before the lucky groom can find a place to pull over and remove them. * Streamers look great on the wedding car and even though they won't last long, they'll definitely draw attention to the car as it goes down the road. * If you do want to write words on the car itself as well as using a Just Married banner, you'll want to find a paint that won't affect the finish of the car and that washes off easily. * Don't block the windshield or rear window with any decorations as this can pose a safety hazard. Also, the drivers and passenger windows shouldn't be blocked either. * Balloons tied to the radio aerial and to the windshield wipers are great, especially if you use helium balloons since they won't be in the line of vision. Weddings are a very happy time for everyone involved and sharing that with everyone who sees the wedding getaway car is a way to expand that happiness as much as possible. Using a Just Married banner, tin cans, streamers and other cool decorations on the car is a great way to do just that. Take a look at all the great decorations you can use to ambush the wedding car with at the next wedding you go to. Not only will you get a laugh out of doing it, but the wedding couple will have a great time with it as well.
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