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A really good way to make an event or party extra

by:Susha     2020-08-23
Personalising the balloons with a custom print will make the event even more memorable for the guests of honour. Here are a few tips to ensure that you get the best results: Choose a bold simple font style for your message, as balloons tend to be viewed from a distance and this will stand out best. Splityour message into several short lines as this will give you the biggest possible letter size. Avoid one long line of text as this will end up looking tiny on the finished balloon. The print area on a balloon is round so you should try to match this shape by making the top and bottom lines of text smaller than the middle line. Choose an ink colour that is a good contrast to the balloon colour so that the message stands out. Dark ink on a lighter background works best, eg red on yellow, black on white etc. It is important to consider how you intend to display your balloons. If you want them to float you will have to fill them with helium. Tying them on to ribbons, bunching in 3's or5's and then attaching to a balloon weight is a simple and effective way to display them on a table. Make up a simple sizing template by cutting a circle (or square) out of a cardboard box. Then filling all balloons to this same size will ensure the display looks uniform and much more professional. Ensure that you don't over inflate the balloons as this will waste gas and make the balloons much more likely to burst. An alternative to helium filling is to air fill. Balloons can be bunched and hung from the ceiling (be sure to ask your Printer for 'neck up' printing if you are hanging them) or they can be given out to children on a cup and stick. If you are looking for a competitive and reliable UKsupplier of personalised printed balloons, helium gas, ribbon and balloon weights please contact with E Balloon Printing.
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